The Golden Lift: Steven Kari’s mission impossible | By Raymond Charles Haoda Snr

The Canadian was sitting on total 369kgs and assured of the Gold medal.

PNGs greatest ever lifter, Steven Kari
was sitting in 354kgs and assured of Silver. It was either Steven settle for silver or attempt the impossible.

Steven and his coach Paul Coffa decided on the latter. To lift and extra 15 kilos t o win was unheard of and impossible according to many.


Steven had 2 more lifts left. What Steven did next was so incredibly amazing.

Steven attempted 216kgs and successfully lifted it to not only win Gold but smash the Games record and Senior Commonwealth record.

What a champion!

The winning lift.

3 comments on “The Golden Lift: Steven Kari’s mission impossible | By Raymond Charles Haoda Snr



  2. It proves that this young man gold in Glasgow was no fluke, he is dedicated and committed to improve beyond the barrier of not just repeating his ability to win a medal but understands his ability and focus on shifting the bar of commonwealth games record. From his expression of joy, it shows that he has self belief and that he achieved what he set out and planned to do.
    Steven Kari is a hero to his family and relative and village of Hanuabada but also to his greater family of Papua New Guineans. Good on him for celebrating the way he did. Love the way he celebrated after all he continues to make the sporting fraternity world wide that PNG sports man and women can stand tall in the world arena.


  3. Yowa Zurenu

    Just simply Wow! Absolutely incredible!


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