Madang tension: 2 dead, cop injured, water supply cut following string of crimes

It must be noted that the crime and unrest are symptoms of deep rooted problems in the former tourist haven.

The latest string of criminal  incidents in Madang are symptoms of a deeper problem that started becoming clearer by 2005.  An influx of people, illegal land grabbing,  settlements and the lack of police housing which many highlighted  contributed to this current situation. Madang’s political leadership has always been plagued with infighting.  That has not helped.


Police vehicle burned by locals. The five policeman were left unharmed.

Two people are dead and a policeman is in critical in hospital following violence today near Madang Town.

The two men were shot following a brutal knife attack on the Senior Constable this morning.

On Monday, a teacher at Bau, long the Lae Madang Highway, was beheaded. His relatives travelled into Madang harassed members of the public.

The senior constable was trying to negotiate with local people protesting over yesterday’ harassment.

“This morning’s started because of the the killing of the primary school Teacher at Bau on Monday night,” said Steven Yalamu,

Yalamu said the locals were angry because   some of the people attacked are from were not connected to teacher’s killing.

After the initial confrontation, the crowd left then regrouped just after midday. As police were called in, locals felled a tree and blocked off the Gum Bridge.

They also damaged the town’s water supply equipment near the bridge.   They also burned an unmarked vehicle used by police.   The five officers in the vehicles were left unharmed.

EMTV’s Madang based journalist, Martha Louis, who is on site reported by SMS that the situation is tense and police had just been called to a shootout near the Gum-Balasigo area

This documentary was produced in 2011 with assistance from the RPNGC. It gives an understanding of  the police housing problem.

2 comments on “Madang tension: 2 dead, cop injured, water supply cut following string of crimes

  1. Seth Daniels

    The real pronlem is the influx of uncontrolled migrants from the highlands region. .Since the road linked Madang to the highlands, there had been an increased in lawlessness activities. We need to respect locals or indigenous of Madang..This is their Province. We just should not imposed our way or life on them..We must respect them..


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