Photoessay: Eastern Highlands spices

A short photo essay on spices in the Eastern Highlands

Clip #192
Clip #183
Fresh turmeric harvested from a small patch 
Clip #176
Spice farmer dries spices on a bench.  Women are heavily involved in spice farming
Clip #171
Chillies drying in the sun 
Clip #164
Organic sun dried chillies 
Clip #199
Turmeric powder ready for packaging 
Clip #258
Local muso plays a ‘jews harp’
Dried chilli, turmeric and ginger
Ground turmeric 
Sakarias Ikio, a driving force in the Eastern Highlands spice industry

3 comments on “Photoessay: Eastern Highlands spices

  1. Interest

    Hi Scott, great story. Would you have a contact for this spice company?


  2. 72599410 Sakarias Ikio


  3. Elizabeth Cox

    Thanks for maintaining the balance with these good news stories. So great to see Papua New Guineans in charge, on their own land for sustainable development. Such a sharp contrast to news of Hela and the extractive industries!


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