How a PNG blog post touched hearts in UK & triggered the “Pasin” recruitment campaign”

UK's Widness Vikings begin a membership recruitment for Papua New Guinea.

vikings3The Widness Vikings… what can I say? They are a club I’d be proud to associate with anytime!

Today, I see on Facebook that they have launched they ‘Pasin’ campaign to recruit membership from Papua New Guineans. There’s a membership fee of 18 pounds but who cares!

Those who have credit cards should spend  18 pounds and increase the Widness Vikings membership from Papua New Guinea because they are a great club that has PNG boys in it.

Rugby league is about people. No people, no rugby league.   So in my books they have their hearts in the right place. Win or lose, I don’t care.

On 13 January, after Kato Ottio’s passing, I wrote a short feature. It wasn’t much, really. It was just an expression of gratitude to the Vikings about “Pasin” they showed to the family of Kato Ottio and the people of Papua New Guinea.

“It is difficult to explain it in one word. It is defined with many words that embodies the true Papua New Guinean spirit.

It means showing  love and affection, honouring one’s commitment, kindness, generosity, steadfast loyalty, brotherhood, sisterhood, respect for self,  your elders and for your family in life and in death.

It means accepting a stranger as your own brother. It means standing up for the downtrodden and supporting those who have suffered a loss. It means caring for widows and mothers who have lost their sons.

In Papua New Guinea, we celebrate life, we mourn the dead and we care for those left behind with their loss. you did all that.

You showed all that. You showed “Pasin” not only with words but with deeds.

They have put a whole new spin on it by including it as part of their campaign to recruit PNG membership – a first for a foreign rugby league club!

Like I said, it’s just 18 pounds or K81. I mean, if someone is willing to put a Kumul on their website and promote PNG in a very positive light.

It is a good way to spend K81 and support our boys!

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