Norah Mugga Taumu calls on Governor Parkop, NCD police to make Gordons market safe

"I could not sleep Sunday night. I was  still recalling the mother who was attacked  her bilum being removed from her hand."

norahOne of the most dangerous bus stops in Port Moresby would be the Gordons market bus stop where women, young school children and even men are becoming victims to those criminals who roam the area.

Those drug bodies walk in groups aggressively harassing pedestrians who they see as vulnerable or those who they think have something on them that is valuable for them to steal, sell to make money for a bottle of warrior or a packet of marijuana.

This particular bus stop has become notorious for such petty crimes. Even men cannot do anything for the fear of being attacked if they try to help rescue someone from being attacked by those criminals.

Year after year, fights have happened because of them and the kind of crime caused. Even deaths have occurred but still nothing has been done to prevent those crimes continuing their evil doings. People’s personal items have been snatched from their very hands, even their belongings inside their vehicle are taken out, people get stabbed just from fighting back in order to protect themselves.

They are not afraid of anyone, not even cops. They walk the market area and are willing to kill for just a phone. Mostly women have fallen victims because they are seen as weak and vulnerable.

On Sunday the 3rd of February 2018, my daughter and I were on our way to the bus stop after attending service at the Assemblies of God Cornerstone Church.

While we were coming through where the bus 4s and 11’s are stationed, I looked straight ahead as always to make sure we do not bump into those criminals.

I saw an elderly lady walking towards the bus 12 bus stop caring her bilum, she was approached and surrounded by a group of boys … 10 of them (criminals with knives) one pointed a knife at her and the others pulled her bilum off from her and walked away while everyone stood there and watched. Men could not help but watch as those animals walked away smiling.

I turned around and also notice a young boy caring a bag on his back heading towards the bus 7 & 9 bus stop.

The same group of criminals walked towards the boy, surrounded him and took of his bag from his back while he just stood there defenceless.

They got the bag looked inside got his phone, his wallet and threw his bag on the road and walked off like they have done nothing wrong. I could not walk for fear of being attacked filled me. I ran with my daughter towards the police barracks entrance, made our way to the bus 15 bus top and safely made our way home. I shock with fright because I have seen such happen over and over again and every time such happens right before my eyes I picture myself, my daughter, my mother or sister being attacked like that.

It is just frightening.

I could not sleep that Sunday night. I was  still recalling the mother who was attacked  her bilum being removed from her hand. I told myself that very night, as one person what I can do to make this place a safer place for everyone?

I decided to see the Member for Port Moresby North East the very next day. But that was unsuccessful. I then decided to get in touch with the NCDC Governor however the only faster way I could think of was by reaching him on social media and I got through to him with him acknowledging receipt of  my message.

I wish this particular place can be much safer.   If bus stops like 2mile, Sabama, Kaugere can be free from petty criminals,  Why can’t  Gordons be the same?

I want to know  who is responsible for public  safety at  bus stops.  I question the people in  authority for not ensuring the safety of people moving here and there is paramount.

When can this particular bus stop be free from such crimes? Will the government wait until someone is stabbed and killed again to do something?

Gordons Bus stop is a central location where hundreds of people move here and there in  transit  and therefore should be one of the safest place for everyone to move freely.

2 comments on “Norah Mugga Taumu calls on Governor Parkop, NCD police to make Gordons market safe

  1. Its very sad that innocent citizens are suffering silently while our mandated leaders are enjoying luxury life.
    When voting leaders, its like saying ” I will die in order for you to be alive”
    What a sad moment for PNGeans.
    For for Gordens case, I feel its best the authorithies relocate the market.
    Lets pray some wisdom into the the brains which are empty and doesnt even have anything to say.


  2. Roland Tumsok Jr Funmat

    Action on this issue is long overdue. First and foremost, the settlements of 5-mile, wildlife and Erima must be removed because that is where those thugs reside. We pray that Governor Parkop and Hon. John Kaupa take action promptly.


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