Taufi Buase’s tale of his older Asaro brother who made life richer

Originating from Asaro, his character, love and energy of joy is like caramelised onions for burgers.

Before Dad and Mum decided to have beautiful kids. They made the happiest decision of their life (well Dad’s idea in factūüėā) to adopt a helpless young man off the streets of Mosbi who was about to scramble into crime.
A hard head and domesticated to drugs and alcohol, mum and dad moulded him into something, like every loving and caring parents would do. Originating from Asaro, his character, love and energy of joy is like caramelised onions for burgers. You would never miss him around the house.
From doing the chores and errands for the house, to picking us at school and to knowing where mum and dad would hide their precious belongings in the closet of the main room. He always on point.
One fine day mum and dad came back home after work and decided to give him a break and decided to give a little blessing. His pocket got a bit to thick for his head. Before he left the house dad shouted at him while he was super excited walking away, “Renagi, buy your stuff and come get straight home!”
Giggling and smiling he headed for the liquor shop.
The typical Asaro he is, he got his case put on the shoulder smiled and took the wrong turn ending  up somewhere (god knows where).
Meanwhile mum and dad were getting worried about their only child (back then). The best news arrived in the morning like a pineapple in the sunshine. Their only son was behind bars at Boroko Cell for drinking and making nuisance in public.
Mum was stressed, Dad was all calm about it.
All dad said was “let him be,¬† he’ll be fine.”
The next couple of days lapsed. Now dad was getting worried. So he decided to stop by at the Boroko Police station.  Only to find his son had went for trail and had been sent up to Bomona. (Back then punishment was harsh.)
Dad was shocked so he asked the officer what name was he using. To which the officer replied “Buase”. The “My goodness” reaction on dad’s face was priceless as mum recalled.¬† Dad was all thinking all along so hard as to why he was using that surname.
A few  weeks later,  dad went up to Bomana to bring him down.
As the wardens used the PA system to announce his name, dad just shook his head while listening to his surname being called. There came out their  only son. Every inmate and warden was  shouting, smiling and  saying goodbye  to him.
Dad knew that  his character was contagious.
Driving down from Bomana, dad had one of those¬† moments with him. This is what dad shouted in an angry tone “Harim ah? Next taim yu go lo Boroko or Bomana, usim name we mama karim yu lo em. Yu blari lonlong!”
“Yu laik go back lo Bomana o nogat?” dad yelled while pulling his ears.
He replied while he was crying like a toddler with his head down: “Nogat fada mi les.” He never saw Boroko and Bomana ever again.
The rest they say it’s history! Let me remind you,¬† my siblings and I were somewhere in Pluto. This story become a like a fairy tale as we grew with it.
Some 30 years later  I become part of the fairy tale. This time with dad not around. Dad passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer.
We went to get his ticket to fly to Goroka.¬† Whilst the lady at counter was asking me for his surname repeatedly. I automatically looked across to him with a serious face, he smiled at me and started laughing.¬† I was like “Meh yu smile na lap lo wonem, gim name hariap kam na yumi go.”
He slowly pulled out his rugged old faded driving license¬† (his first, that Dad got) from some 25 years back threw it at the lady and I and said “BUASE”. Tears dropped from his eyes as he stood up and slowly walked out.
I got hit hard once again. Thanks Dad.
Before Golly, Annie, Kora, Myself & Bing. From day one,
Neneveh, Tru Ave.

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