Wanted crim who impersonated police busted after they found he couldn’t march

...He used a fake name, went on police operations & even made an arrest before HE was arrested. by the real cops.

false cop

Story by Gabriel Lahoc, NBC Morobe

A wanted criminal and escapee, who was on the run for nine years, could be the most daring police impersonator in the country, after spending the last three months as a police officer in Finschhafen district, Morobe province.

It is normal to hear of criminals dressed up in uniforms and impersonating police officers especially when commiting a crime, however Adam Peter from Inge Village in Maprik, East Sepik Province, managed to verbally convinced the Police Station Commander at Gagidu station that he was a transferred officer from Batas, West Sepik province.

Morobe Provincial Police Commander, Augustine Wampe, confirmed that the suspect was arrested just over a week ago and is currently awaiting court appearance facing multiple charges.

Adam Peter, the suspected police impersonator introduced himself as Officer Brian Mulo and since October, 2017, he was involved in police operations around Gagidu station in Finschhafen.

According to Chief Superintendent Wampe, the suspect lied to the station commander that there were lots of infightings in West Sepik which led to him transferring and that he had no uniform and driver’s licsense.

The suspect managed to get uniforms from his new police officer friends and even was allowed to drive the police vehicles, issued a police firearm, got involved in police operations and eventually made his first arrest recently.

Chief Superintendent Wampe, says Mulo raised the suspicion of police officers when he could not write in his incidence report as the arresting officer in police shorthand style and performed poorly during his first marching drill with them.

His short stint as an officer was interrupted unexpectedly by a couple of visiting off-duty officers from East New Britain who accompanied a dead colleague’s casket to Finschaffen for burial when they spotted the impersonator.

They confirmed that he was convicted in 2009 for an arm robbery case in Kokopo but escaped while serving his three year jail term and has since been on the run.

Chief Superintendent Wampe says the normal police transfer procedures normally includes signed and stamped transfer documents from an officers’ last commanding officer, will contain personal details like rank and file number and also includes telephone conversations between superiors to cross check.

However all of these were not followed and the unnamed Gagidu Police Station Commander, will be suspended indefinitely and will be penalised accordingly after the police hierarchy investigates this matter.

5 comments on “Wanted crim who impersonated police busted after they found he couldn’t march

  1. He is quite the character; great story Scott!


  2. creativity but alas…..only for himself…..


  3. Truth is stranger than fiction. Proved once again.!!!


  4. Daniel Marika

    Fraudulent evictions at settlement levels in Lae are now on the increase. This involves settlement leaders, NHC Officers, and some greedy, crazy and senseless crooks, Nawae block president and a few of his committee members are an example.


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