How to fight the eviction ‘specialists’ at the National Housing Corp

I sought advice from legal eagles who say there needs to be a class action against the National Housing Corporation evictions.

Evicted family 

Usually the question that gets asked when a family is being evicted by the National Housing Corporation is: How was the title was obtained?

The title can be fraudulent. In many cases where families are hastily ejected from their homes, the titles are most probably fake. But how do you prove it? The courts will rule based on the documents that have been produced.
Police will act up on the court order given by the courts ordering eviction. The arms of the law see things in black and white, void of emotion. So an evicted tenant can’t beg the cops to have mercy. They have to carry out the court order or they will be breaking the law.
It’s a problem, because emotions are central to any eviction. Mothers are hurt because they can’t care for their family. Children cry. Old men who were long serving public servants feel a sense of deep helplessness.
To fight it in court, the victim needs a lot of money. The lawyers need a lot of resources and time to track the paper trail. They need to establish, who gave the authorisation, when? and How? The research is a killer.
They have to track down the paperwork or lack of it if any.
The NHC’s cooks target the old and vulnerable, women and orphans. They target those they think will not fight back physically or through legal means. They use aggression and intimidation to force people out of their homes.
I sought advice from legal eagles who say there needs to be a class action taken up by victims of National Housing Corporation evictions.
Our problem is that we are fighting this issue individually.
On several occasions, I’ve advised the victims of evictions to raise awareness on their plight. To speak out. The problem is, they expect the media to take up the fight while they continue to play the role of the disempowered victim.
The reason why Burphy Don and Zuabe Tinning got their houses back is because these two women took action and yelled so loud, in December when they were evicted, that it reached the halls of parliament. They were willing to take action and stand their ground. They fought the battle on multiple fronts – thought the courts, the media, their local politician and everyone around them.
They talked to others as well and backed up their claims with documents.
The crooks are afraid of the truth. You have to challenge those who come at you with supposed legal documents. They don’t expect you to track down where those documents came from.
Track down and expose. When you do, talk to others who are affected. Show where the crook’s weaknesses are. Ask them where they get the documents from.
Check the name of the magistrate who signed the documents… is he operating in his jurisdiction?

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