NBC, FM Morobe, Club Illusions ban WildPex, Eldiz Mune & associated artists

The biggest and oldest radio network in the country, the NBC has just issued a directive to all its national radio announcers to remove all music tracks from Wildpack from its playlist. 

I am personally encouraged that NBC which has a long history of professionalism and quality has taken this important decision. 

Last week, a disgusting video emerged showing Wildpack group member John Tamasi (Jay Tee), beating a younger artist, Raga Siaii.

It was no fight. 

The older Jay Tee, pummeled the Raga as he cowered on the bed. Then, Jay Tee tore Raga’s  t-shirt as he tried to force him to stand up. 
He continued to punch him until Raga opened the room door and fled. 

The backlash was swift and severe. 

Memes mocking John Tamasi and Wildpack flooded Facebook. The jokes were merciless. 

If anyone thought that would have prevented an idiotic, unclultured, uneducated response, it didn’t. 

The fool who took the video, Eldiz Mune (another plastic musician) went on Facebook and told everyone he filmed the video  after hurling verbally abusive diarrhea about every man and his mother. 

It didn’t stop there. 

He went on to date everyone on Lae who complained to meet him at the Cabana club on the 12th of January. 

His rock ape behaviour didn’t stop there. 

He went on to tell the Port Moresby supporters that he would be performing at Club Illusions this week. 

But… Karma is a (beep!).

Club Illusions cancelled his gig. I guess having a guest invite people to do violence at your workplace isn’t a great idea after all. 

The NBC FM Morobe have also banned Wildpack music on their stations. 

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, has also become involved. His office will be writing to radio stations to ban the group’s  music which is highly derogatory to women and girls. 

Veteran musician, Leonard Kania, also responded calling the “filmmaker” a coward and for the Jay Tee to “step down.”

Earlier, Eldiz Mune, tried writing an apology on Facebook. But it didn’t get far. It was simply ridiculous and comical. 

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