Widowed grandmother evicted by NHC just before Christmas

Properties burned. Family evicted.

Post Courier front page
Story by Jack Lapauve, EMTV
Two families of former public servants are the latest victims of evictions by police.
They say despite a National Court Order in place, police evicted them without proper eviction documents.
The families’ will now spend Christmas outside the place they lived for over 30 years. Yesterday more than 5 police vehicles entered the premises to evict Lucy Agen and Cecelia Awi, both former public servants who have served the country for over 30 years.
Lucy Agen believes the eviction is illegal. According to the lawyer representing Lucy, a National Court Order is place to stop any further obstruction or notice from any party to transfer the title.   Lawyer Wesley Donald says this order has been breached.
Both Lucy and Cecelia have lived on this property for over 30 years. Lucy was working with the Lands Department while Cecelia served as a nurse. They now have grandchildren.
Both families  are questioning authorities.
A notice of no eviction over the festive season was recently posted in front of the office of the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander. However police carrying out the eviction say the notice is no longer valid for this case.
These two families will now spend Christmas out in the street.
The title of the property is believed to have been transferred to a Chinese Businessman in the Gordons shopping area.

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