Post Courier reports on 3mile, 4mile evictions in Lae

Lae MP appeals to community leaders not to facilitate illegal evictions.

PostThere will be no more evictions of tenants who live in National Housing Corporation houses in the One to Four-Mile areas outside Lae, unless properly verified says Lae MP John Rosso.

He has put a stop to evictions as of yesterday.

And Lae police metropolitan Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr supports the move as well.

Mr. Rosso appealed to community leaders and the police to confirm statements and court orders before carrying out evictions.

He said this after recent evictions of residents in these areas.

He told the evicted residents to file reports to the police and submit to him. He has also brought this matter to the attention of the Housing and Urbanisation Minister John Kaupa.

“I will talk with them and if your claim is legal I will help you, but if it is illegal then I will have nothing to do with it,” Mr. Rosso said.

He said housing was not his responsibility, but he was only trying to help resolve the issue to make sure fair play and justice takes place.

Mr Wagambie also told the evicted tenants to check if the eviction orders have national or district court stamps on them.

He said police would not execute evictions on their own unless they had been given an order to do so by the courts.

Mr. Wagambie said he would work closely with Mr. Rosso to investigate the matter to ensure validity.

He told the settlers that for the time being there will not be any evictions in the area concerned until the matter is brought before a court.

Mr Kaupa had issued a national directive to all regional NHC managers to stop evicting tenants in NHC houses, including in Lae.

“The Housing Minister’s standing is clear as far as evictions are concerned. Court ordered evictions is a legal matter but all agreements on purchase of properties of NHC will be reviewed under the new management for verification as it is a state asset,” Mr Kaupa said yesterday.

He said all directives given must be followed with no more evictions of tenants.

He said a task-force was being set up to address all alleged deals on the NHC properties.

“We are in the process of fixing up the many problems faced in the ministry and hope to bring the institution forward in 2018 and beyond to revive its core functions of providing affordable housing to all PNG citizens,” he said.

Mr. Kaupa said he did not want to see families affected due to the actions of a few with vested interests this festive season.

NHC Momase regional manager Joe Bulhage said to date there are no illegal evictions from NHC properties in Lae.

“Currently there are no administrative evictions in Lae. All evictions are conducted by virtue of court orders,” Mr. Bulhage said.

Mr. Bulhage said as far as he knew, there were three NHC evictions cases pending in court.

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