Evictions by NHC have to be investigated. Too many families suffering!

The housing system in the country that is supposed to provide affordable housing is rotten within.

Paun John talking to Lae MP, John Rosso. She  was told to leave  her property. She bought the government  land many years ago.

Over the last five years, there has been a string of home evictions that happened in Lae City driven by elements within the National Housing Corporation.

Many of those affected by the evictions are:

  1. Widows,
  2. Young men and women whose, parents have passed on,
  3. Those who have minimal education
  4. Those who don’t have the financial resources to fight legal battles.

In the 3 Mile and 4 Mile area, community leaders claiming to be village court magistrates are facilitating land and house sales. This is an open secret which people talk about.

Last week, I met Jimmy Pa’Ovi, he was told to leave the land on which he resided. An elderly Buang guy who has since passed on owned the land title. The land title was destroyed in a fire.

Jimmy has resided on the land for nine years. Last week, he was told to pack up and leave. He went to the National Housing Corporation Office in Lae. Jimmy says one of the officers told him, the house had been sold and Jimmy was offered K1000 to leave the property.

One could question the validity of that information. But, I’ve done too many of these stories to question its integrity. The modus operadi of these questionable government workers is the same. I’ve seen this over and over again in so many other cases.

Another man, a resident of 4 mile who is now in court to reclaim his home, was falsely accused of attempted murder. He spent one month in remand at Buimo prison. During his absence,   his block and house was sold off. When the court acquitted him, he found that his house had been sold off.

This is injustice!

If this is not so, show me your evidence, and I will show you mine with dozens of victims who are suffering.

It is a cash cow for those in the system. It is being milked for all it is worth. I have personally been to dozens of Public Accounts Committee hearings in which evidence has been presented that shows the rampant corruption within the National Housing Corporation.

Has it been fixed?

Hundreds of Papua New Guineans have been kicked out of their houses. Victimized in their own country by government agencies that are supposed to serve them.

In 4 Mile alone, 15 families have been evicted very quietly. It is absolutely disgusting that we do this to our own people.

I pay their salaries through tax. I want an investigation into the National Housing Corporation.

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