No exit plan for Manus says Ronny Knight

Pic from CNN

As the Australian Government tried to shrug off its responsibilities on Manus Island,  Greens Senator, Nick McKim,  has fired a broadside saying  Australia  had disrespected Papua New Guinea and its people.

Statement came after the Senator attended a protest  led by locals in Manus who called on the Australian government to resolve the issue.

“The refugees are the responsibility of the Australian Government.  I am calling on the Australian Government to quickly evacuate them men  from Manus.

“This is a humanitarian emergency.

“What Australia has done is disrespectful to the PNG government and the people of Manus.”

McKim saw  the turbulence unfold this week on Manus as  Australia announced the closure of the refugee center.

This morning,  the senator was reportedly threatened with arrest when PNG immigration officials  gave him five minutes to leave the  refugee compound.  An ABC crew was verbally abused  by security the previous day.

About 700 men remain in the camp. They have  been protesting  over the camp’s closure and are demanding that they be resettled in Australia.  As of yesterday,  power  to the center was cut.  The water pipes were cut and the tanks drained.

Iranian journalist, Behrouz Boochani, who has been  active on Twitter  said  several refugees have become physically sick and others were hungry after meals were stopped.

“PNG Immigration told  refugees to go to the East Lorengau Center. But we don’t feel safe.  It is the responsibility  of the Australian Government.  Local people don’t agree with us staying here.”

“I cannot say that I am ok. I couldn’t sleep well and I am not good, physically.”

ABC producer,  Bethanie Harriman  who  went into the camp a day ago reported that   garbage bins had been washed out so the refugees can collect  drinking water.

“Everyone has left. The hospital is closed.  The men who were receiving medication for mental illnesses  don’t have access to medicine anymore.”

Speaking to Reporters on Tuesday, Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop said, PNG had made arrangements for  food,  accommodation and medical services.

Manus locals and some  PNG politicians have been angered by what they see as Australia’s lack of sensitivity in the whole issue.

Former Manus MP,  Ronny Knight,  who  has opposed the establishment of the  center,  said there is no clear exit plan  by Australia.

“The East Lorengau center isn’t completed.   If PNG is talking about cultural  integration, it won’t work.”

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