#PNG Community Development Minister calls for a probe into Rosalyn Albaniel’s death

The Minister is supportive of NCD Governor’s action in seeking a court order to stop burial for a proper post-mortem

eoeThe Minister for Youth, Religion & Community Development Soroi Eoe has condemn the death of Journalist, Rosalyn Albaniel Evara based on the allegations relating to her death, while he joins NCD Governor’s call on authorities to seriously look into these allegations.

“I condemn such death in the strongest terms based on the allegations of late Mrs. Evara being a victim of gender base violence. Again the matter is serious and must be dealt with accordingly.

“We just hosted the Inaugural National Men’s Forum in Port Moresby two weeks ago discussing Men’s role in addressing gender based violence. But sadly, we continue to see, read and hear stories related to gender base violence.

“I believe such matters should be properly reported by victims, family or relatives early, so that authorities can deal with matters of such nature so that lives are saved rather than lives being lost as a result of violence of all forms that are happening within our homes and communities.

The Minister is also supportive of NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s action in seeking a court order to stop burial for a proper post-mortem, saying such actions are necessary even though the Governor is not a blood relative to late Mrs Evara.

“Governor Parkop is one of the male champions who have been taking the lead in addressing the issue of gender base violence for so long. It is time we take such necessary actions to address this issue because if we don’t take any actions but continue to talk about it, then we are not doing enough to solve this disease in our society.

“While I condemn the death of late Ms Evara, I would also like to take this time to call on the citizens of Papua New Guinea to join hands together and let us put a stop to gender base violence in our society. Let us not be bystanders anymore. Let us be role models and agents of change.”

Minister Eoe, reiterated that the government is serious in addressing violence of all forms in our homes, workplace and in our communities and addressing these issues take a collaborative effort from everyone to ensure change happens in our society.

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