Alex Rheeney: Post Courier had the duty of care

Alexander Rheeney is Former Chief Editor of the Post Courier

alexShe was your employee and one of the best – if not the best – until the end.

All employers have a duty of care to their employees and the Post-Courier continues to fail by not seeking justice for their business editor Rosalyn Albaniel Evara and giving editorial prominence to the issue from the date of her death.

The newspaper failed to get to the bottom of the death of the esteemed journalist and my former colleague when she passed on Sunday October 15, leaving that responsibility to close friends and family.

In today’s edition the PC choose to belittle the memory of one of Papua New Guinea’s top journalist by running stories and pictures on her funeral service yesterday on Page 16, unlike The National which did well by giving the issue front page coverage.

As a formerChief Editor of the newspaper I am shocked and disgusted at the management’s failure to give editorial prominence to the issue and be proactive in relation to the death of Rosalyn and push for a full investigation into her shocking death, as a responsible employer.

Where is the empathy to and for Papua New Guinean professionals who contribute to your annual profits?

Your managing director should have been in the front seat at the Sione Kami Memorial church service yesterday morning, to show his respect to a great journalist who worked tirelessly and remained committed and loyal to the masthead – despite her numerous personal challenges including nursing two sick boys (God bless their souls) – until her passing.

If you think that today’s editorial defending your GBV position against criticism by former staff members is a good move than I am truly sorry for this once famous masthead, as you continue to let down the masthead and the media profession.

Your GBV campaigns are worthless if you cannot effect change and become champions of change by starting in your own backyard.

1 comment on “Alex Rheeney: Post Courier had the duty of care

  1. I just don’t know what is happening to our men and women. Everyone in PNG knows of more than 1 person they know that has had an issue of gender violence. If I can find away to leave this country I will, for the sake of my wife and daughter.


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