The ridiculous case of the Unitech-Bumayong road, unrepaired for 35 years!

The road has steadily deteriorated since the 1990s. It is like a child with so much potential but neglected by his parents.


A short stretch of road between the University of Technology and Bumayong in Lae is featuring again in discussions four months after new Morobe MPs took office.

The road is the responsibility of the works department and they say approvals have been given for its rehabilitation.

There’s  is a farcical situation that currently exists. The road leading to the Igam Army Barracks was concreted in 2014. It was completed days before the start of the PNG games. The road along the Telikom college to Malahang has was also concreted around the same time. But the Unitech to Bumayong road has been allowed to deteriorate.

In order to get to the good road, you have to travel on the ‘rubbish’ road to get to get to the concrete roads further up.  It’s like going living through a hard life in order to get to heaven.

It has taken one full term of government to end without any action at all.

Now a new group of Morobe politicians are reigniting the discussions over the Unitech-Bumayong road.

Lae MP, John Rosso, and the Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu, are well aware of this. Rosso said it is a National government responsibility but he is working on getting costs and the money will have to be found.

This road is an example of bureaucratic inefficiencies that exist within the government system.

Why cant a short stretch of road in Lae City be fixed?

This road is the responsibility of the National Department of works. According to them, funding has been approved but the actual money has not been released.

PMV buses traveling the Unitech to Bumayong route have stopped using the route because their maintenance costs are too high.

By the end of this term of government, if no work has been done, it will be another decade of neglect.

The people who live along this road are angry.

Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu says he will raise the matter in parliament.   But weather this stretch of road will be given priority depends on the national government.

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