Baki orders 26 transfers, moves Kalaut to ACP HR position

Police Commissioner Baki announces transfer directives for senior police officers.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki today issued transfer directives for 26 senior police officers from around the country.
Commissioner Baki said that he had issued the transfer directives for operational expediency in light of current internal command and control issues and issues arising from the 2017 National General Elections.
Commissioner Baki said that his transfer directives are final and he will not accept any refusal from any of the senior officers affected. 

 “They will take their posts as directed and with immediate effect,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that all movements are supposed to be completed by 31st October this year.

The 26 transfers are as follows:

1.     Assistant Commissioner (ACP) Sylvester Kalaut – Divisional Commander NCD to ACP Human Resources;
2.     ACP Donald Yamasombi – Divisional Commander Border to Divisional Commander NCD/Central;
3.     ACP Kaiglo Ambane – Divisional Commander Highlands Western End to Divisional Commander Border;
4.     Chief Superintendent (CSP) Samson Kua – Director Special Services Division (SSD) to Acting Divisional Commander Highlands Western End;
5.     CSP Perou N’dranou – Commandant Bomana Training College to Metropolitan Superintendent NCD;
6.     CSP Jimmy Onopia – Deputy Commander Highlands Eastern End to Director Prosecutions;
7.     CSP Sibron Papoto – Unattached. Posted to Police Headquarters;
8.     CSP Johannes Yapi – Director HR to Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Enga Province;
9.     CSP Rigga Neggi – A/ACP Human Resource to Director Corporate Planning;
10.  CSP Ben Turi – Metropolitan Superintendent NCD to Deputy Commander Highlands Eastern End;
11.  CSP Joseph Tondop – Provincial Police Commander Jiwaka to PPC Southern Highlands;
12.  Superintendent (SP) Peter Philip – Provincial Police Commander East Sepik to Commandant Bomana Training College;
13.  Superintendent. Michael Corren – National Election 2017 Coordinator to Director Reserve;
14.  Superintendent. Mark Yangen – Deputy Commander Highlands Western End to Director CID;
15.  Superintendent. Robert Gesa – Provincial Police Commander West Sepik to PPC East Sepik;
16.  Superintendent. Jim Namora – Provincial Police Commander West New Britain to Director Special Services Division;
17.  Chief Inspector (CIP) Julius Tasion – Group Commander Southern to Deputy Director Special Services Division;
18.  ClP John Midi – Provincial Police Commander New Ireland to PPC West New Britain;
19.  ClP George Kakas – Provincial Police Commander Enga to PPC Jiwaka;
20.  CIP Moses Ibsagi – Director Crimes to Provincial Police Commander West Sepik;
21.  ClP Gideon Kauke – Gordon Barracks to Commander Mendi Police Station;
22.  CIP Mas Tuman – Police Station Commander (PSC) Mendi to PSC Madang;
23.  CIP Gideon Ikumu – APEC to Provincial Police Commander New Ireland Province;
24.  ClP Michael Tilae – Deputy Director SSD to Superintendent Operations NCD;
25.  CIP Bob Kerry – HRM Pensions to Acting Director HRM; and
26.  Inspector Daniel Yangen – PSC Tari to PSC Kimbe

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