Steven Sukot: The Red, Black and Gold

The very patriotic Steven Sukot talks about political Independence the flag.

sukotWhen I see the flag, red, black and gold dancing in the wind, I can’t hide my feelings and emotions, this is my identity.

MV PNG sailing through 42 years. Encountering rough and grueling economic conditions yet we are dancing in the storm to the rhythm of the confronting conditions.

Times are tough, funds are limited, taxes have gone up, adding extra burden on on the masses, yet the simple guy on the street is still smiling doing his routine. The villager seems to have no money, yet has enough for himself and enough to share.

Who are we, PNG?
Why do we mourn and dance at the same time? Why are the rich have little to share while the those classified as living below the poverty line in the jungles of Kaintiba, Koinambe, Josephstaal, Menyama, Karamui, Baining etc… have more than enough to feed themselves and share with those in need?

When it comes to money, only 10% of the population can find employment, 2% can make their own money and 15% or so in the towns do various activities to earn money to survive. However more than 75% of PNG are self reliant, they don’t earn an income, but they grow their own food from their land, they don’t need Eda Ranu or Water PNG, they drink from the fresh creeks, streams and Rivers. They don’t have the electricity, but are thankful for the stars and moon.

42 years on MV PNG, what is your secret?
I see something and it is painted in Red, Black and Gold…

RED reminds of blood. PNG we have very strong believe in families, relatives, wantoks, clans and tribes connected by blood. We are always willing to help and protect our blood.

Black reminds me of the rich fertile lands, customary owned, where over 75% is fending itself from.

GOLD reminds of two things.
1. Royalty….We are a country who believes in God. God protects and provides for this nation.

2. We are blessed with natural resources. Gold, copper, oil and gas, marine and forest resources.

Fly high my country, fly high my flag…I love my PNG. GOD bless my beautiful Papua New Guinea.

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