‘She left,’ a short story of love and pain by Edwin Fidelis | Kanaka Elite Blog

A brilliant short story by Edwin Fidelis, taken from his Kanaka Elite blog.


Cathy sat on the barren mountainside, watching anxiously as the traffic on the road began to grow.

The sun began to slowly appear on  the horizon. This was perhaps her first morning without getting a response from Moses, the boy she met a few months back.

She occasionally checked her phone hoping to see a message or a call from him.

But it wasn’t the case at all. The last message she got from him was six hours ago.

The previous night, she visited him and made a promise to bail herself out from the 10-month-old friendship with Moses.

“ I’ve caused so much discomfort in your life so I will leave you alone”, she said.

The evil smile from her face answered his question beyond doubt, and he began to understand where she stood in the conflict.

“I am not forcing you to leave, but if you chose to go, that’s a path you chose and I will respect that”, Moses said.

Cathy held no remorse at first but then it dissipated into nothingness.

She held on every inch of hope that Moses would call her in case he changed his mind.

But hours grew into days and days grew into weeks, and she found herself in solitude of reflections.

In a stack of good old memories she kept in her photo gallery were all her dreams, she now knew she won’t achieve.

She knew she couldn’t call him, as it was her decision to leave, and convincing him to return wont make any difference.

It was perhaps the 100th time she promised to leave but kept coming back. But this time, it was real, and Moses was leaving.

The searing feeling of being  disowned gripped her inner soul.

She knew there was a world for her outside of what she knew but it means nothing without Moses in it.

Cathy accepted his parting as the purgatory for her mistakes, and to start over again with a new life without him.

Edwin’s KANAKA ELITE BLOG:  http://kanakaelite.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2017-07-14T17:40:00-07:00&max-results=3

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