Investigations into Morobe accounts promised

Morobe owes more than K40 million to service providers


Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu has promised investigations into the provincial government accounts after stating in his first official speech that the Morobe has more than 40 million kina in debts.

Saonu and the other eight MPs who were sworn in Thursday   as members of the Tutumang.

The debt reduction will also be accompanied by an audit of the district government accounts. Public servants will also be tasked to account for spending over the last 5 years.

In front of a large crowd who braved the rain to attend the swearing in ceremony of the new Morobe MPs, the Morobe Governor said there was much work ahead.

“Don’t expect handouts. This is not the time for it. We will examine all the books for the provincial government.”

Much of the debt is money owed to contractors and service providers.   Last year, contractors camped outside the Morobe Provincial Administration building and demanded outstanding payments.

Internal audits have not been the provincial administration’s strongest quality.   The audit division has long been struggled with funding. It is hoped that this administration will change that.


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