Eva Kuson: “Women’s stories have to be told differently.”

Humans of PNG pic

Not so long ago I woke up from bed. My steaming tea in hand, I looked up the papers for my daily dose of reality. 

There yet again another round of shitty stories glared at me- reports of violence against women.
Step father rapes daughter, women killed due to sorcery suspicions, a man killed his wife in barbaric manner, and it is never ending.
In other pages, donor supports safe house, funding to empower women, funding for Family and Sexual Violence Unit.
For Pete’s sake, different day same shit! 
I am raged,  not with the incidences of violence marked by why billions have to be pumped to save the destructing state of affairs, but more so with portrayal that women in Papua New Guinea are the worst victims of violence in the world.
For the love of humanity, somethings gotta change around here.
PNG Women are brave, rational, creative, determined, positive, warm hearted, passionate, , reliable, generous of spirits, excellent intuition, indomitable fighting spirit, cultured, hard working and very resilient.
My mother is a very successful women, she raised three out of her four kids to tertiary level, herself year 10.
How did she do it? Well, it is worth the tell. 

Another friend Kiamanui Dings Seta built herself a huge permanent house at the fringes of Moresby because she hated paying for rent. 
How is that for a PNG Women success story?

My childhood best friend Mazzella Maniwavie despite her health issues, decide to take up masters in Marine Biology in Australia because she hopes to one day restore PNG’ s receding shorelines. 
How is that for PNG Women success story?

Everyday women in Papua New Guinea thrive to be creators of opportunities. 
Yes violence against women in Papua New Guinea is real, but do women here perform below the belt in everyday life? 
I don’t think so!
You want to know why I don’t think so? Go back to all Mothers’ day posts in your notification and read for yourself how women, more so mother’s raised this nation. These stories got to be told differently.

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