Five Dead, Dozens Injured in Wabag Election Violence

....more than 20 men and women were injured.

Five people are confirmed dead, and more than 20 are injured as a result of election related fighting in Wabag town yesterday.

Western Command Commander, ACP Mark Yangen, said supporters of former Kandep MP, Don Polye went on a rampage following the declaration of Candidate Alfred Manase on Wednesday morning.

The fighting started on Wednesday morning after the declaration of Alfred Manase as member elect for Kandep Open. Angry supporters of former MP, Don Polye, went on a rampage, burning down more than 150 houses at Amala village near Wabag town, where the Provincial Administrator, Dr Samson Amean is from.

The men claimed that the administrator as the Steering Committee Chairman had advised the Returning Officer to proceed with elimination count, without counting seven disputed boxes.

However, Dr Amean denied the claim and says the decision was made by the Electoral Commissioner, and he had no input. Yesterday, Polye’s supporters returned to Amala and burnt down the houses which remained standing.

After returning from Amala, they went to Wabag town and tried to burn buildings, but their attempts were unsuccessful as security forces blocked all roads into the town.

The Karl tribe of Amala village retaliated and shot dead three men from Kandep and two from the Kii tribe of Teremanda village near Wabag town. It is alleged, the Kii tribe has been accommodating Polye’s supporters.

In the gun fight, more than 20 men and women were injured. More than 500 security personnel are currently in Wabag to contain the fighting and clear the roadblocks.

Vasinatta Yama & Ale Asa

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