Rosa Koian tells her “name-not-on-the-common-roll” story

How come so many people missed out? I didn't vote in the end.

Rosa Koian, on one of her happier days…

So I went out on Tuesday all set to vote for my leaders in Port Moresby. Obviously I wasn’t paying attention to the news the night before and in the morning so I went back a second time. Confused I called my news friends and yes, was told to follow the news updates on this very important event.

Friday comes and I am at the polling area again and within five minutes was sent away. I insisted on voting using my NID card as the government advertisements have been saying, but wasn’t allowed to vote. My name wasn’t on this roll so I was sent to another polling area. Now here at this other polling area, I joined the this very long queue and stood for more than an hour and my line didn’t seem to be moving. On checking at the entry point people were pushing their way in and off course lots of short cuts and so I stood with the rest of the women on the women’s line and waited.
I got a call later from a friend that my name was not on the roll and I should quit and go away but I wanted to vote. I know I had put down my name already and I am turning up now to vote so how comes?
Later that evening I listened to friends, neighbors and family members who tried all day to get their votes in and didn’t. Then I read about how many other Papua New Guineans were turned away or refused to vote because only a limited number of ballot papers were sent to them. Yes questions and more questions but to be denied the right to vote in a democratic country? Where the government is for the people and only through the people that it is a legitimate government. How come so many people missed out?
I didn’t vote in the end.

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