Kaibar owner pushes boundaries of Western Highlands politics

“I want to join the coalition that forms government because I don’t want to waste time.


Western Highlands businesswoman, Rachel Mura, began a kaibar business when she was 24 and   last month nominated for the Western highlands provincial seat.

While her campaign style lacks the extravagance of highlands politics, she says, its about all about winning the hearts and minds of women and ordinary people in the villages.

Over two decades, Rachel have stamped her mark as a successful small business owner. Her portfolio to includes properties in Australia and the Philippines.

“I still operate the small kai bar. I’ve been to other countries but Western Highlands is still home.”

But why politics? It’s a question she’s answered countless times over the last month during her campaign.

“Many politicians have homes overseas or they live in Port Moresby. If we live away, our people are on their own.”

Rachel Mura says it’s about bringing back services to the people who need it the most like “the mama in the village” who struggles to budget a small income to the youth in Hagen City.

One of her main policies is to create the Western Highlands Microbank – an institution she wants to use to empower women and create business success stories.

“They government has to support the Western Highlands Microbank concept. It will be owned by the women of the province.”



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