To the Chairman, Poin Casper – Brother Warrior of Land and Seas

For a man who went without material wealth but was richer than #Trump

Poin Casper & Wina Kayonga on the Watut. Filming of  the film,  “Watut Cries”


This time your leave us  for the Ramu forever.   May you take that mighty dugout  of yours and paddle steadily on your journey.

I see you with that dirty white t-shirt with the sleeves cut out. That’s Poin.  Bare footed… But  this time, without a care.   Unburdened. Untroubled by the pains of this world.

I write this not as an obituary. For your passing is insignificant. What is death anyway for a warrior of the Ramu and defender of Melanesian land?  It is but a passage to another life.

I write this as a celebration of your life, Mr. Chairman.  I  choose to think about  Poin Casper – the funny, the serious, the passionate and the  fighter.

I choose to think about the fun moments and conversations.

You never liked tinned fish.  So the guys would make an effort, or so they told me,  to buy Ox & Palm or tulip on patrols.  (Talk about being picky, phew!).  You  never minced your words. Always direct. Always honest and blunt.

There is no other guy I know who, in the heat of the moment,  could say “F##king a##holes!”  with such  force and cause the foundations of Waigani and the MCC HQ to rattle and shake.   That was always a classic line… and I waited for it before I burst out laughing.

You are a bloody crazy dude!  And I mean crazy of the highest order.

To others, you were a guy who talked a lot about things that “should be left alone.”  Unwavering in your resolve.  You challenged community leaders to  look beyond the money and the cargo.  Sometimes,  there was a hint of insecurity… about what to do… what to say. But you always found a way.

Today, through the people who worked and lived with you as your family and friends,   We see your spirit and determination.

We still have a lot of work to do, our Warrior brother from the Ramu.  But you can rest easy knowing  that whatever you could have said to the young people trained, you have said.  And what you want to say,  We will continue to say for you.

Em tasol, Chairman, Lukim yu bihain.

2 comments on “To the Chairman, Poin Casper – Brother Warrior of Land and Seas

  1. Julie Eagles

    Thank you Scott – I admired him a great deal and I did love that insecurity you talk about that he always seemed to overcome – the mark of a true leader and warrior!


  2. Steven Sukot

    RIEP Mighty Warrior of the Land and Sea. May you join the spirits of your ancestors dancing up and down the Ramu River. I am showing my children a photo file I have of you telling them that you are indeed the Melanesian Warrior of the Land from Bosmun, Ramu, Bogia, Madang and PNG.


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