Lae police use drone to improve policing in Lae City


Lae Police have begun  using a drone as they seek solutions to improve policing with limited resources.

The  drone was tested in the presence of the Lae Metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie.

It is a small consumer device that is expected to   drastically improve policing in Lae – a City that has seen a marked increase in the number of stolen vehicles and armed robberies.

The device is expected significantly improve the ability of the police to conduct surveillance and assessment missions   over a   wider radius with minimal use of vehicles and manpower.

“With the drone we can survey a large area instead of sending in men and vehicles,” Wagambie said.

The drone takes policing in Lae to a whole new level. About 20 years ago, the RPNGC, began employing the use of the eye in the sky concept  – a police helicopter used for transportation and for surveillance of trouble spots.

The concept cost the National government several millions to buy and maintain the chopper.

The drone used by Lae police costs just above K5000 with negligible maintenance costs.

The use of the drone has come through a partnership with Lae based security firm, Executive Security Systems (ESS) whose owner,  John Rosso, is a long serving   Reserve Chief Sergeant in the RPNGC.

The drone will be used for surveillance during the Morobe Show next week when more than 100 thousand are expected to arrive in Lae.

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