Fuel shortage forces airlines to cut back on rural flights

Grounded Islander aircraft which uses aviation gas.

A third level airplane operator in Morobe province has had halve its operations due to a severe shortage of aviation gas.

Avgas which is used by the North Coast Aviation (NCA) for its smaller piston engine aircraft has run out forcing the airline to ground its planes.

Currently, its fuel supplies come from Poland and with Papua New Guinea going through a foreign currency crisis, the drop in the Kina value have caused business costs to rise.

The airline is now calling on government to subsidize fuel for rural travel for the planes that use avgas.

Captain Thomas Keindip, Chief Pilot of North Coast Aviation (NCA).

Captain Thomas Keindip, the Chief Pilot of NCA says running the airline has become quite difficult in the current climate.

The former MAF pilot is from Komba in the Kabwum District of Morobe. His family also depends on NCA as a primary means of transport to and from their mountainous local level government area.

There is now a back log of cargo that needs to be transported. The cargo includes food, building materials and school and health supplies.

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