PNGDF Piper and Drummers pass off the square at Piping School

Taken from a Facebook post by "The Army in Scotland"

p3At today’s parade at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming (ASBM&HD) drum majors, pipers, and drummers passed off the square at adjacent Redford Infantry Barracks, Edinburgh, in front of family and friends.
The soldiers have been at the Piping School to study either level 2 or level 3 stages of the piping and drumming courses.
p2In a break from the usual British Army musicians on parade three members of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force also went through their exam stages, and piper Private Megaiya Keyaga was also voted best piper on the course – a very distinct honour.
Private Mayaga said: “I have had a great time at the Piping School, and it was a very great honour to be awarded the best piper trophy, particularly as the voting was done by the piping instructors here at the school.”


Drum Major (WO2) Billy Vele gained certificates in drumming and drum majoring, with Private Tom Epo also gaining his drumming certificate.
The trio were cheered on by Mr Nasser Tamei, First Secretary at the Papua New Guinea High Commission, who made the journey from London to attend the event.
ASBM&HD offers courses in piping and drumming at all levels for members of any Regular Regiment in the Army that has pipes and drums.
Additionally the school provide support to community engagement and recruiting events, as well as monitoring the standards of each unit’s pipes and drums.
Co-ordination of all joint events involving pipes and drums, such as The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, is also undertaken by ASBM&HD.

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