A short piece by Frank Mackanuey on the Black Brothers and West Papuan Freedom


I am appalled, flabbergasted even sadden that even after 41 years of freedom, independence and self rule we are being dictated by a foreign sovereignty.

At the Independence Celebration where the new version of the Black Brothers (not the Originals bar one) played Police removed the West Papuan flag from some people who carried it.

Freedom of Expression is a QUALIFIED right duly guaranteed under the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

It is sad to see that some element of Police Force cannot stand defend the Constitutional right of Expression. It’s not only sad from a West Papuan perspective but it is sure sign of a dangerous trend developing where the Police Force are ENFORCING the WISHES of a foreign sovereignty and NOT seen to protection our Constitutional right.

Freedom of Expression is a Qualified right.

The Police Force must DEFEND it when foreign elements are seen abusing it. The Force must PROTECT it and allow Png citizens to exercise it freely.

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