By Gary Juffa (http://www.juffa.org/)
My dear people,
It is not wrong to want whats best…to want true freedom..to have the services we deserve…to receive decent medical care and be educated…to be treated with respect by those who enter our shores for whatever reason…My people it is not our fault our businesses, jobs and opportunities are not protected and that for 40 years not one leader has fought for us to stand and demand what is not just what we want but what we deserve…oh some will accuse me of rhetoric and inciting emotion..but what greater emotion is there then wanting true freedom?
For we are not yet free my people…not by a long shot..as long as this economy is not ours..as long as we are pushed aside and to the outside..to stand begging bowl in hand…meekly watching and whimpering
We are very much shackled by the inefficient and ineffective public service machinery and the weak leadership that has ignored our plight for too long and has in fact abandoned their posts as guardians of our sovereignty, our economy, our resources, our opportunities and our future…they are in fact very much selling our beautiful home piece by piece for 30 pieces of silver so to speak…
My people, when our folk are mistreated as if they are filth and looked down upon and…when they are expected to accept whatever garbage is sold to them, infested with cancer causing carcinogenic contents that would never ever be sold in any developed nation, when our people are treated like thieves and rounded up like cattle and herded to shop for whatever garbage is sold to them…When our people are treated like this…sworn at and rebuked…we are reminded that we are not free…we are being told we are inferior and unwanted in our own home…
My people…this is NOT progress..this is NOT development…this is NOT the PNG we deserve and our children will inherit…
This is a form of colonization…and we must rise up and break free and stand up with pride and dignity…there is no other choice…oh yes it maybe rhetoric..but its the truth too…
Now as can be obviously seen, the colonized mindset abound my people…they have their puppets and paid servants and agents to fight us..but we are on a journey..a march to destiny that even they and all their power and resources and puppets and manipulators of truth cannot stop…these puppets will fight for their masters and hope to discourage us and use our own systems against us…but they wont prevail…
Because they are simply wrong, evil, insincere and selfish..shallow and cowardly..
Yes, my people, it is not wrong at all to want to stand up and take ones own country back..only then can we own our economy and determine our destiny…


  1. Very true leader……I think it is about time we should do something..


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