Held for nearly a decade without trial.
Disturbing figures released by the Lae Buimo prison  have  hinted at a national crisis where  young  Papua New Guinean men are being held in prison for up to nine years  without a final decision by the courts. 

A list  199 prisoners obtained byEMTV News has revealed that some prisoners have been confined without trial for close to a decade.The  five page list is from 2014. However, many of the prisoners still have not been released. Some escaped from  the prison on Thursday.

The  most of the 199  prisoners  have been in Buimo  for more than 12 months with no certainty of trial.
“For prisoners to escape and for 11 of them to be shot and killed is a tragedy in itself,” says former Justice Minister,  Kerenga Kua.  “We have to find out the reasons for the escape. There has to be a coronial inquest.”
Two of the longest serving prisoners on remand  have served 8 years and 9 years respectively. They last appeared for mention in 2005 and 2006 and are still waiting for a proper trial and sentencing.
Without a remand center in  Morobe province,  the Papua New Guinea government,  though the  correctional Service has breached UN protocols of prisoner care and Human rights.
Yesterday, Morobe governor, Kelly Naru, frustrated over the lack of action attacked the government over  the delays in fixing  longstanding problems of  security and staffing at one of the biggest prisons in the country.
“We now have a situation where there are less than 100 officers guarding more than 700 prisoners.
            “That’s a big ask!”


  1. An interesting blog.
    It was saddening to read about the two men being held in prison for nearly a decade without a proper trial.
    What if they are innocent? Everybody has a right to a fair trial


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