A filing clerk in the  Morobe Provincial Lands office   has been sacked after  it was found  that he  signed off on a letter that led to the sale  of  the  Papua Compound  playing field in Lae.
                The termination happened several days after public concerns were raised  afte residents heard that the field had been sold.

       The authorization letter was found  within  a thick document detailing  ownership and development proposals  by the  new owner.  It was handed over to the lands division as proof of ownership.

                Bypassing all protocols,  the filing clerk signed on behalf of the acting provincial lands program advisor, Jonah Suvi,   in a letter addressed to the Secretary for Lands in Port Moresby.  Senior  provincial government officers  explained that such a letter  should have been written by the provincial administrator.
                The letter, dated  25th March 2012,  stated that an inspection was carried out  the Papuan Compound field,  Lot 35, Section 39 on the same  date and that  “during inspection the property was found to be vacant and undeveloped.”  
                Senior officers in the administration said that  single document  triggered  the tendering process which  eventually led to the sale of  the playing field.
                Two weeks ago,  Papuan  Compound residents held a public protest  demanding answers  from the provincial  lands division with many accusing them of corruption and illegal land sales in Lae City.
                Investigations  into other land dealings have revealed  that some land portions have dual titles – one belonging to the provincial government and the other  belonging to private individuals   or companies.  
                One case,  in particular, involving businessman Mathew Minape and the  Independence Park  purchase, sale and subdivision  will be contested in court.   The  Morobe Provincial Administration  will be challenging ownership and the process  which allowed  Minape followed to obtain commercial titles over the land.


  1. Mathew Minape claims that he is for the people of Lae however Independents park is for the people of Lae. How can he claim to be doing the honourable thing when he is stesling from the people. it is only a matter of time before this crook gets put behind bars.


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