Ples type or highly creative, culturally rich individual?

“PLES TYPE” is the new “derogatory” term used largely by urban folk who are ashamed of their roots and proud ancestry. It is used by people who would rather abandon a self-reliant, “ples type” life to live a hand-to-mouth existence in towns and cities.
                  The use of the term is a demonstration of one’s own ignorance of the fact that an environment – in this instance: “ples”- is not a measure of one’s intelligence or attitudes. The use of the term expresses the ridiculous stereotype that urban dwellers are better than rural folk. The term fits a frame peddled by overseas consultants and their spin doctors that Papua New Guinea is an impoverished nation, that rural life is bad and urban life is good.
                So if to be “un-ples type” is to eat fast food and to make a healthy contribution to PNG’s growing obesity statistics, to drink three boxes of the green can every weekend – even if it means going without food for the rest of the fortnight, then I’d rather be called “ples type” because I’m having none of that.
                  If to be “un-ples type” is to be so technologically savvy, yet so vocabulary deficient that the only way to demonstrate a level of sophistication is to post sex related and female genital inspired obscenities on facebook, then I’d proudly be called “ples type.”
If to be “un-ples type” is to be ashamed of being Papua New Guineans with rural roots and to strive to replicate destructive lifestyles perceived to be better, then I’d rather be called “ples type.”
                “Ples type…” means simple, uncomplicated, honest and real. It means I have land and a place to call my own. I don’t pay rent to a landlord because I build my own house and I can make it as big as I want. I don’t pay for water because I own the water.
My roots are rural and – for want of a better term – “ples type.”


  1. i like your 'take' Mr. Waide 🙂


  2. Best definition defined. I think it is similar to what white people coin as ” Caveman”


  3. You hit the Nail with that Sir! I would rather be called a ples-type then try to imitate and live an introduced lifestyle.


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