At this time, it is crucial that we put aside ETHNICITY, CLAN  and TRIBE and truly see things as they are.

 Ethnicity doesn’t matter right now.  
These are the facts:  a person,  or several,  committed  the brutal act  of murder that claimed the life of Albert Gibson, high school teacher and coordinator or the Kainantu  Distance Learning Center.  
It really doesn’t matter where  the killers are from.  The question of where they are from adds no value to our collective quest to fight this evil. It serves  no purpose at all to blame a group, a tribe or a province.  
Let’s see this act for what it is:  A crime committed against a fellow PAPUA NEW GUINEAN.
Let’s put a face to the victim of this horrible  crime.   His name is ALBERT GIBSON,   the father of a six month old baby,  friend to a woman who loved him, son to a father, a brother.     Because that’s what it is.  That is what we can relate to.  
Albert Gibson,  teacher, father, brother and  son represents us as a people.  He represents  our lives, our struggles and  our deaths  as a people of this great country of ours.
Ethnicity doesn’t   matter anymore.   Focusing on ethnicity,  in the context of criminal acts,  is a waste of energy.  It is the simplest,  easiest and most foolish path towards justifying an argument.  It is stereotypical  and makes us no better than all many  outside of the country who fail to see our beauty as a people. 
My mother grew up in the Southern Highlands.  My father worked in Enga. I was born and raised in Goroka.  I belong to a clan,  a tribe called Papua New Guinea.   My on my heart is painted the Kumul and the stars. 

There  lie  my roots.


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