The man you killed had a name and a face. The man you killed had a woman and a child who is now without a dad.

He was looked upon as a leader in his clan and tribe. He was loved and cared for by a mother and a father. He had brothers and sisters who depended on him and looked up to him. He was an educated man from a place previously known for its crime. He chose to come back home and serve his people.

What kind of satisfaction did it give you to torture this young man? What satisfaction did it give you to beat him and stab him until his death? Did it feel good to exact your revenge on someone?

You weak, sadistic, spineless fools! Your very existence are curses to your mothers’ who carried you. You are insults to humanity!

Is life that cheap to you? You kill and compensate. You kill and you compensate. Maybe you think you will pay for the life that you took. Maybe you think because you did the same to many others, you could do it to the teacher as well.

I tell you now your money means nothing anymore. Your money is now worth naught. It will have no more power over those you kill and maim because you chose, by your deeds, to curse yourself and your children and your children’s children.

I heard his brother say: “For a man to suffer like that is not good! He wasn’t Jesus Christ. He should not have suffered for the wrongs of another!” He said it with more sadness than anger.

His father, a simple pastor, bearded and painted in mud. He, despite his sorrow, told his sons and brothers to stop their thirst for revenge. He said: “He was not only a teacher. He was also a pastor. They have killed him and that is enough. As his father, I want no more killing. I do not want the blood of other innocent people on my hands.”

Do not, for a second, take this lightly. You have not been “excused” for your actions. It means the job of punishment has been passed on to someone greater than us all. It means you will receive tenfold, what you gave.

For the hundreds….No…thousands of lives affected by the loss of this one man, you will be punished. For the child from whom you stole a father, you will be punished. For the woman who is without a friend, you will be punished. For the father whose son you took, you will be punished. For the mother who weeps, you will be punished.

You will find no peace and no refuge from that which will plague you. You will find no sleep.


  1. RIP Teacher, our country as lost a son a contributor to the development of our future. sorry


  2. No amount of money deemed as compensation with erase the memory of how he was killed. The act of compensation MUST STOP!!…let the law of the land be tightened to deal with such filthiest scumbags who do not deserve to live on this earth.


  3. Those Shitless Cowards must be hanged and there should be no compensation accepted because it will only provide an excuse for other future senseless barbaric killings ….A curse be on those that took this innocent mans life and they must pay for it with there own lives .
    Now its time the The Law of Capital punishement be put to the test and let us see if our lawmakers have the guts to implement what has been passed down already as Law.


  4. When will such animal, primitive fighting & killing end in our land. 39 years on and still our mentality & attitude have remained of how were were before Independence. Our lord please take control of our beloved country & its people and help us change so we can have peace & unity.


  5. RIP


  6. Mindless….spineless….inhuman…barbarians..
    You will never sleep until you follow Gibson the same way…hope your wife and children sleep well…


  7. No amount of compensation can equate the value of life and the loss of it to a loved one. May death and destruction be hundred fold to the perpetrators of this heinous crime.


  8. The evils which exists is so insane…..why such peril…why …does it satisfy you or makes you an extra human being


  9. It was revealed he was part of the gang that tried to rob passengers on the bus. The wages of sin is death.


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