There are always very simple things in life that make life of earth a blessing.

I was introduced to a large German Shepherd at UOG early this week. I was informed, quietly, as if not to hurt his feelings, that despite his fierce looks, he was very friendly and that his owner’s house was broken into because he was, for want of a better word, too “timid” to scare off the crims. Having grown up with a German Shepherd myself, I felt the need to have a serious talk with him.

I reminded him that he is descended from a noble race of canines who have had served with distinction in the US army, the German Army and of course our very own RPNGC and that many of his kind had died in action. I said quite sternly: Dude, you have a rep to protect!”

He hung his head low as if to say: “Yeah, I know. But Im not like them.” So I said: “ok, I’ll let it pass this time, but you, gotta pick up your game, soldier!” …and I gave him a chicken  and scratched his ears.

2 comments on “DAWG WITHOUT A REP

  1. Thank you Scott


  2. Nice post,, i'm very enjoyed to visit this site 😀


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