Dr. Albert Schram – Government says he has visa problems 

Three weeks into the first term of the school year,   fresh calls are being made for the return of  Dr. Albert Schram, as Vice Chancellor of  the University of Technology. 
A  staff member and  parent have   called on the government to allow  Dr. Schram return  to the university.
Dr. Schram has not been allowed  back into the country even after an investigation cleared him of  several allegations that questioned his qualifications.
By  December,  it will have been three years since the  Schram-Unitech Issue  began
Today,  Ken Polun,  a staff member who began working at the University in 1991, he says Schram is a solution to Untech’s longstanding problems.   
“Schram is not a threat,” Polun said. “He may be a threat to some people.”
Unitech is being managed by an interim council appointed after  an intervention by the   national government.  Prime minister, Peter O’neill visited the university in January  at the height of the crisis in the hope of putting the matter to rest.  His visit came after students boycotted class and demanded Schram’s return.
Later, an investigation team  headed by retired judge justice Mark Sevua was appointed  to probe   several issues including allegations over Dr. Schram’s qualifications. 
At the end of January one year after the PM’s visit,  the  interim council, headed by Sir Nagora Bogan,  released a statement pointing out that the investigating team had cleared Dr. Schram of all allegations and that he should be allowed back to resume his post.
The lack of action has also brought renewed concerns from parents.
            “Our children’s education is very important,” says Aaron Boski, whose son has just entered Unitech as a freshmen.  “We want Dr. Schram returned.”
Dr. Schram’s troubles begun  after he  questioned  certain payments  from the university accounts and asked for  the recommendations from previous investigations to be implemented. 
The Bogan interim council says the allegations against Schram  were baseless  and it called on all parties to put aside their own self interests  and restore credibility to the university.


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