Humanity is under attack. Everywhere one cares to look, to observe one sees the deconstruction of traditional societies, communities, tribes, clans and families even. Humanity is extracted, discouraged even, looked down upon and discouraged. In its place, materialism is encouraged, cultivated and promoted. Peoples who acted or reacted with empathy, consideration, love and care have been replaced by those who act and react with violence, self seeking greed and obsessed with material goods they often do not need.

Like a cancer the promotion of individualism grows, spreading from the urban centers where it is most profoundly expressed to rural settings and even remote villages and hamlets. Everything and anything will have a price tag, goods or services, even those once given free with love and consideration, in fact especially those. Everyone and anyone will be a vendor and a purchaser. Nothing will ever be free and even the commons, water, air and so forth are themselves being considered for packaging and sale in some manner, some fashion, significant research and obsessive greed ensures this. Children will be devoid of parental attention and love and parents will be obsessed with managing time and their efforts to earn and spend.

Time itself has become acutely the most precious commodity for individuals, corporations and governments. The individual now is obsessed by time, what they give of it and how much it therefore must be worth and who should pay. Charging even their loved ones for a portion of it, calculating it carefully and spending it according to its price.

Governments are no longer formed to govern human beings. They are instead designed and constructed by those at the very top with the very most who fund them and therefore determine greater policies to achieve their objectives: greed and profit. Governments are designed to manage consumers, promote the interests of Corporated

om, the new ruling empire. Governments group together into cartels and forge and develop tactical and strategic alliances, trade and economic agreements, ushering the consumers towards the sphere of trade, manufacturers producing, exporting and importing, vendors selling, purchasers buying, the rich living, the poor dying.

Any form of subsistence living is discouraged, even violently by governments no longer working for people but enslaved and harnessed by Corporatedom, people who live on their own land and farm and fish are converted to workers in some factory or providing some service, earning some form of payment and giving it back to the empire in its numerous outlets, encouraged by their propaganda via entertainment and information products and productions. There are no farms anymore eventually, for this is human, there are only factories, mass producing genetically modified food for the masses who must feed themselves and continue to consume.

And soon, everyone is not a person anymore… only momentarily anyway, then they are saturated with media and other forms of information projection at a most early age, learning brand names and yearning material goods…eager to buy and consume the moment they learn about the concept of money…just a consumer, born to purchase, consume, enable the wealth of already wealthy, pay their taxes, live their monotonous life rigidly following the parameters of behavior established by Corporatedom, existing and not living, devoid of any true aspect of humanity.

It is no wonder the earth is reeling from the terrible inconsideration of the new dehumanized creature now just an obsessed self seeking consumer, whose inconsideration towards flora and fauna and the natural environment, rampantly populating and increasingly destruction, committing wars against each other and destroying entire species of life forms endangers earth’s very existence itself.

Perhaps there is hope. Growing somewhere in some community unaffected by the sinister clutches of Corporatedom…perhaps the ruling Empire may self destructed and eventually the world may tire so of Corparatedom that it vomits it out and starts all over again… perhaps humanity prevails and readjusts its dangerous course and rights itself and rebuilds the world it is destroying and reconstructs humanity…perhaps…

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