The rape of a nurse in Papua New Guinea’s second largest city on Saturday   has triggered widespread public  outrage and the closure of the city hospital.

Staff  closed down Lae’s Angau Hospital hospital late  yesterday after  the incident was reported. They are  demanding  the immediate  arrest  of the rapists within 48 hours.
Details of the incident aren’t clear but it’s understood the  off-duty nurse was at home with her family when armed men broke into  her home,  held  up the woman’s husband and assaulted her.
This morning,  more than 100 nurses and doctors met  with the management.   They  called  on the  Chief Executive and  board to improve security and housing conditions for the nurses and doctors.
This is the latest of many attacks on  hospital staff in recent months.  An attempt to kidnap a female nurse in January  was foiled by workers and security guards.  The suspect was caught and severely beaten.
Papua New Guinea’s record of  physical and sexual  violence against women has brought  widespread criticism and international attention  on the plight of women  in rural and urban areas.
In a country, reeling  from the recent  public torching  of a woman accused of sorcery,

this attack expected to be brought to the attention of the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill.

 “I got  reports of the incident yesterday and I am very disturbed by it,” Dr. Polapai Chalau, the Hospital’s CEO said.   “This matter has to be brought to the attention of the highest office. Enough is enough!”
“We demand the utmost respect for our workers,” said hospital chairman, Benson Nablu. “This cannot go on.”
This  comes  also as global attention has been  focusing the recent  brutal gang-rape of  an Indian woman in Delhi who later died of here injuries.


  1. Are we becoming a very sick nation, if not already? The fact that it was a health worker who nurses and cares for the sick makes it all the more disgusting.


  2. A country of people with their energy misspent. instead of publicly burning “witches” we shouldn't we be witch-hunting rapists.


  3. It trully is sad that our women and girls continuously have to go through this. A nurse, a teacher, a sister or a mother, no woman deserves to go through this. Time to up the penalties on this kind of crimes so that people can know what consequences await sick people like that.


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