Supporters of the  Morobe Governor, Kelly Naru have called him  and former governor, Luther Wenge to set  aside their differences  and end a  court dispute over election results.
Luther Wenge’s lawyers filed an election petition against  Kelly Naru last year on grounds that Naru and his supporters bribed voters during the elections.   
Former Governor, Luther Wenge
“We’re here to prove allegations of bribery,” Luther Wenge said outside the courtroom. “The court has to decide if this matter will go to a full hearing.”
More than 100 political  supporters of both men  packed the Lae courtroom yesterday to hear if the matter will go to a full trial.   A decision  will be made on Thursday.
Both Wenge and Naru are no strangers to the legal landscape.  Naru owns a law firm and Wenge worked as a lawyer and a magistrate before running  for office 15 years ago.  

Wenge was also instrumental in the removal of the Australian Government’s Enhanced Cooperation Program (ECP) which brought Australian Federal police advisors  to Papua New Guinea.

Wenge’s lawyers  presented submissions  saying the facts of the case are sound and  should  proceed to a full trial.   Lawyers representing the  electoral commission and Kelly Naru say otherwise. They also want the  petition dismissed.   Thy have also argued that  details of whether Governor Kelly Naru paid money to his supporters with in intention of influencing votes remain unproven.
Outside the court house,   supporters of  governor Kelly Naru, carrying placards said  both men should  put aside their differences and allow the  governor and the provincial government to perform their jobs.
“We want services,” said Plankus Miamel. “We urge the governor and the former governor to have this petition dismissed.” 


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