After we’ve waged  wars

laid waste 
maimed and murdered
and drunk our fill
What then?
After we’ve raped and plundered
Gouged the earth,
Taken all her riches
And  stripped  of her dignity
What then?
After we’ve polluted the  rivers
Cut all the trees
Annihilated  all beasts
And  built our  cities
What then?
After we’ve melted the poles
Drowned the islands
Gorged on tuna
Harpooned all  the whales
What then?
After we’ve decimated  cultures
Displaced  our peoples
Robbed them  of land
And established destitution
What then?
After we’ve fed our lust
Satisfied our greed
Abandoned all common sense
And that which is morally right
What then?
After we’ve destroyed
Our past
Our present
Our future
What then? 

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