Health Papua New Guinea


Downtown Port Moresby – (My Magic Moments

A youth  of nineteen by Burns Peak road
A ten seater flies past his humble  abode
His buttons undone his face   a  blank
Gust of air and into a twig his teeth he sank
A lump protrudes from his lanky frame
Cancer they said  but tis all the same
He’ll die anyway and  no one will care
For many  more his life they share
His mind  a baggage of  a childhood lost
The last of six  and born at great cost
His father  a landless Moresby squatter
For years lived in the same city quarter
On the radio  a new hospital is opened
For him it’s but a dream with a sour end
He’d curse his father for his foolish dream
If  he’d known a better life for it he’d scream
This has been   life since his mother left
Her death at birth left him bereft
Life sometimes was  a   cruel  joke
No pain.  No sadness  nor  tears on which to choke
Lights of the city had beckoned to his father
Even here on the hill they seemed farther
He lives it. He breaths it every day and on countless nights
He knows without knowing  the darkness of neon lights


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