Thank you   Beijing
Basamuk’s gonna be a city. 
I want  it to  be just like Shanghai.

Thank you  Bejing
Madang’s got a new building. 
A wondrous sight it must be from the governor’s office. 
Thank you  Beijing
For  excellent waste disposal methods  on the Basamuk  coast. 
Why didn’t we think of that earlier.
Thank you  Beijing
For the money you’re giving for 10 new canneries. 
Please make them just like RD Tuna.
Thank you Beijing
For all those people you send to run our hauskais. 
You’ve solved our skills shortage problem. 

2 comments on “THANK YOU BEIJING (Poem)

  1. HELLO. I saw a couple of your films when I was out surfing and just stop by to say: keep up the good work. In my country we had handled things in another way but not in a better way so you are not alone with these kind of problemes. we have them too but are ashamed to talk about beeing used. Even the hookers have a bad reputation here and above that we have icebears in the streets. Time to go home. 5 sec to Sweden. That's easy travelling….


  2. Hey Bengt,
    thanks for being an avid follower!


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