West Papua


In the innocence of childhood
I saw  pictures
Of fathers and children
Much like me and my dad
Of women with bilums
Like grandma and mum
Why do they flee
When the land is theirs?
In the innocence of childhood
I saw  dark haired  strangers
In photos  all in green
Bearing tools of war
With a man just like
My uncle Jimmy
Laying dead at  their feet
Why did they shoot him dead
When the land is his?
In the innocence of  childhood
I listened to ‘Black Brothers’
And big men talk   about  the West
The  land and  it’s troubles
 “They kill our people”
I heard them say
They should be free
If we are  free
Why aren’t they?
Now with the childhood past 
I understand the pain
The   burning villages
A man shot on his land
I rage within at pictures
Of  those who are  killed
Women like my mum
And men like my dad
Boys like my brothers
Now with childhood past
I understand
Why they  fought  and died
I understand
Why men who looked
So much like uncle Jimmy
Fought the strangers
With  bows and arrows
He fought for his land
He fought for his family\

3 comments on “WEST PAPUA FROM THE EYES OF A CHILD (poem)

  1. We are very glad you wrote a poem on West Papua. The Diary of OPM and MelanesiaPost.com would like to meet up with you anywhere in Port Moresby. Please contact us at koteka@westpapua.net

    Your poem has been uploaded to our site:www.westpapua.net

    Thanks so much for your work.


  2. Thank you for your nice posting.
    it is really helpful to us.
    such a nice topics.



  3. Thanks guys,
    PAPUA MERDEKA! a time will come.


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