In a dream last night
In a mirror he looked
In it was a face
One he did not know
Creases ‘round the eyes
Streaks of prominent grey
Lost and weary he seemed
Hopeless and angry
He grew up long ago
The boy became a man
Then he grew old
And nobody knew
Where did the boy go?
The years had come
The years had gone
And the years passed him by
He looked again
And he was alone
The paint on the wall
The mould on the wood
The old ones were gone
All was passed and gone
Where did it all go?
His youth was no more
It fled while he worked
It fled while he strove
So hard for a better life
Then the mirror faded
With his eyes still closed
His senses awakened
To the sweet scent
Of his woman’s hair
He was still young


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