Just when I thought the end was in sight
Power blacked out like the dark of night
I’d just put my camera down
When the Highlands doctor with a frown
Rushed past me at the at frightful speed
It was an emergency in deed
I stood back and watched in dread
And told the cameramen: “Go ahead, go ahead!”

On the table, a girl child lay
“Someone get a torch!” I heard a doctor say
Lifeless she was, save for a tiny beep
From a monitor joined to cables in a heap
The heart-lung machine had no power
To get it working would’ve taken an hour
But the doctors, they wouldn’t give up
Someone found a torch and held it up
And this doctor, Papua New Guinean, I must say
On the child’s broken heart, he stitched away

I’m telling you, this is no jive!
Aussies, three, kept her alive
And they did it artificially
Pumping her blood manually
Two others, to the kitchen ran
Aircon wasn’t working. Not even the fan
But they still had to keep her temperature down
In a bucket of water, the Aussie with the gown
Put the tubes into the water
This girl’s life wasn’t for barter

The generator came on but then… ground to a halt
Some idiot in Boroko had caused the fault
The switch box was opened
I thought to myself: “This isn’t going to end”
Whilst chaos seemed everywhere
The girl’s heart got tender loving care
Then the power came on
Things were back to normal from thereon

-Experiencing a blackout when a patient is on life support is a very unsettling when you’re reporting on a seemingly positive story. Thanks to the team of Australian and Papua New Guinean doctors who made sure the little girl didn’t die as a result of the blackout.

Operation Open Heart Team of 2009, You rock!

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