A few years ago…

This doc planned to murder his chooks
He was convinced they had the looks
You know, watery eyes and runny noses
He told me: “You know the risk this poses?”
“Bird flu it’s already here in PNG”
I wasn’t there myself to see
One week later, he told me
Blood and gore, he spared me
He had murdered the chooks
All of them that had the looks

A few months ago, on the BBC I heard
Hogs killed by the herd
So what’s this new source of dread?
I said to myself: And how’s it spread?
I cleared my comp… jumped on the net
Found t’was named after our favourite pet
I could see headlines and bloody scenes
“Swines to be murdered by all means”
But thank goodness we don’t have to do that
Where would we get the pigs for bride price and all that?

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