Chimbus next door all gone to bed
There wasn’t that much there to be said
Good evening it was or so I thought
Two in the morning t’was peace I sought
In sweet slumber and warmth of night
But just when I thought all was right

Startled I was by this yap-yap and yapping
Clamping my ears with my cotton wrapping
My utmost I tried stifle the din
They rushed for the gate and trampled the bin
Skala and Kapmaus and three more no less
Their ruckus went on for three hours no less
The neighbour he cometh I raged to myself
I waited a minute then reached for the shelf
This time I’ll do it and there’ll be no more
Again to the shelf for two… three… four more
Tiptoeing nimbly I crossed the floor
Clutching the mugs I reached for the door
Hell-bent I was on my evil intent
A man possessed I began my descent
Inching my way as if by script
Down the stairs with stealth I slipped
Then gritting the molars I raised a mug
Just when I let fly I felt a tug
“Dreaming again?” said my partner in crime
“And what did you throw at them this time?”
When lulled to sleep by a chorus of bugs
“Nothing.” I said. “Just a few your mugs.”
Next time I’ll stuff them in hollowed logs
I’m really gonna kill my neighbor’s dogs


-Now, what can I say? We all have neighbours like that.  About killing the dogs…maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.


  1. Hi Scott,

    Eauedo from London.

    I am so glad that you have decided to create this blog. Great stuff. Keep it up.

    Kind regards,


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