On a list of thirty the youngest fourteen
Was brought in by her sister herself a teen
She bit her lip both hands clutching her back
A few clothes hung by her side in a tiny sack
Her belly bulged with the small child inside
Now at nine months it was difficult to hide
Her face still a child and her breasts still small
Just two years past childhood she was after all

With a few others no older she sat on the floor
Another aged as her mom leaned by the door
Pain stabbed her again and she let out a scream
Gritting her teeth she wished it a dream
The woman as old as her mom cried out again
Like she clutching her back wailed in pain
Childhood to motherhood in just two years
And with it came at this price with all its fears

The girl fourteen wished a quick end to it all
It became a blur those minutes beside the wall
Soon on the floor for there were no more beds
A nurse came by and in disgust shook her head
Childbirth my dear is no job for a child she said
Doctor three beds way she waited cried and bled
The baby came a small hand gripping its cord
No joy for this one just one big unhappy ward


 -Teenage pregnancies have become something we’ve come to accept in Papua New Guinea.  The  sad state of affairs with our health system and the breakdown of  the traditional family unit is a major factor. 

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